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From Monday 17th May, we are open daily 1000 - 1700. Welcome back!



Tuesday 23rd February: Poster Making & Political Histories

This week we’ll do some more printmaking, but we’ll deliver everything you need, and you don’t need to have any art knowledge or skills! We’ll share some of the secrets of the best poster designs learned from political and social movements that made world changes, and how they would use techniques to show you that anyone can make amazing looking graphics and text for a social purpose.

Tuesday 2nd March : Plant Dyes

Get in touch to make your own dyes with veggies and flowers you can grow and find in your back garden (some weeds might already be there!) and use it to change the colour of wool, with all materials, veggies and tools included- as always, all free! We’re also sharing some distinctive histories about whole communities being forced out of their land and home both locally and globally, and the ways people then and now can come together to fight for justice, access to land, water and seed, to sustain their communities.


Tuesday 16th February: TYCI Film Club: Glasgow Girls

For this Saturday, we’re watching the inspiring Glasgow Girls movie together and we’ll deliver the popcorn!

The compelling story of a group of teenagers with a cause in a musical drama based on the true story of the Glasgow Girls. What started as a grassroots petition to save their friend, Agnesa Murselaj and her mother, both Kosovan Roma refugees, from deportation, inspired a powerful human rights movement which would eventually change immigration practices in Scotland, which put an end to impromptu raids and the detention of minors.

Afterwards, for anyone that wants to, there’ll be time to chat a bit about if you liked it or anything at all that comes to mind while you’re watching!

Tuesday 9th February: Cannae Cook Wilnae Cook


This week we’re gonna all follow a recipe from home to make a nice lunch, but no skills needed, and we’ll send out everything you need. We’ll go step by step, and we’ll all make what we’re cooking at the same time.