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Poetry Workshops

Timespan hosted a series of poetry writing workshops led by the Caithness poet and playwright Goerge Gunn and by the archaeologist, ethnologist, and poet Cait McCullagh. Focusing on people’s well-being, the events allowed participants to explore poetry writing inspired by the landscapes and stories of the north of Scotland. 

Our world is changing fast, and many old stories, tales, customs, and traditions are disappearing. It is proper then that we should have them recorded and catalogued before it’s too late, and made accessible to our community in their homesTimespan has done just that and, hopefully, the PMA will grow with the community around it for this reason, as well as for the appeal those old tales and stories ought to have for those close to home and abroad, whose family roots are planted in Sutherland.

Christine Cowie, local resident and former member of Timespan Board

People in a Landscape
The Story and Language of Poetry
February 18th

Open-air poetry readings by George Gunn

Caithness ‘Makar’ George Gunn, led a workshop on the language and history of poetry. The group took their inspiration from the Hemsdale River, creating a selection of reflective and personal poems, and sharing them with the group. 

A minibus trip along the Kildonan Straht provided the opportunity for open-air poetry readings from George, Cait, and members of the group at Kilphedir Clearances Township and Kildonan Chruch. 

The day culminated in the early evening with a poetry recital. George read a selection of poems from his body of work accompanied by piper and filmmaker Robert Aitkens, who regaled the audience with his own tunes inspired by Jacobites, the French Court, and rotting emigrants’ ships

Writing the Poetry of
People and Places
Feb 17th-24th, Mar 3rd

A three-week free poetry course led by Cait McClullagh will be held on the mornings of Friday 17th, 24th February, and 3rd of March.

The workshops offer experienced poets and beginners the opportunity to develop new skills and practice poetry writing inspired by the environments and cultures that have and are shaping Helmsdale and district.

The writing workshops will culminate in an open mic night on March 25th at Timespan.

The workshops are free but booking is required, please get in touch at
Tel: 01431 821327 or