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Timespan is a cultural organisation in Helmsdale, a village in the very northeast of the Scottish Highlands, with local, global and planetary ambitions to use culture for social change. It includes a local history museum, a contemporary art programme, a geology and herb garden, a shop, a a cafe. We take a holistic and integrated approach to our programme and organisation so all elements of what we do and are serve our civic and political agendas: to make art and heritage work meaningfully for our constituents and village and as tools for global cultural and social change.

We believe that cultural institutions are a political and public space which belongs to society, and as such, have a responsibility to shape a brighter new world based on principles of equality, emancipation and inclusion.

We are committed to diagnosing and responding to urgent contemporary issues, which are rooted in our local context of remote, rural Scotland, and to approach these from a global and multi-disciplinary perspective.  We try to do this by assembling communities and individuals involved in art, science, heritage and activism, and deploy this collectively-produced consortium of ideas into action.

Timespan is generously supported by Creative Scotland and the Highland Council as well as project grants from various trusts.