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Sugar Cone

The development of the fishing industry brought new shops and trades to the area, and new employment opportunities. In 1837, there were 5 inns and hotels, a distillery, 4 grocers, 2 bakers, 2 butchers, 5 boot makers, 4 tailors, a school and post office and school.The booming fish industry meant that for the first time, people had money to spend on food and even luxury items, including sugar, fine china and coffee.

After a successful fishing trip, fishermen gave their wage to their wives, who were responsible for buying all the food and provisions for the family. If a husband was particularly successful, his wife would buy a whole cone of sugar (like the one on display) and she would display it in her parlour window sill, with a candle next to it, lighting it up. This was to show passers-by that her husband was a successful fisherman and that the family could afford such a luxury, as a whole sugar cone!