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Sheep’s Jaw with Gold Teeth

This sheep’s teeth appear to be coated with gold. If you look carefully, you can see a gold hew on the surface of the teeth, which are still attached to the jaw bone. There’s a mystery as to how the gold got there.

The story was told that the sheep’s teeth became encrusted with gold as it grazed on the grassy banks along the burn at Baile an Or, in Kildonan. This was the site of the famous Gold Rush of 1869, when over 500 prospectors came to try their luck at finding gold in the loose

gravel river deposits.

The gold rush only lasted a year and it came to an end when the local landowner, who was worried about his salmon fish stocks being adversely affected, ended the disruptive activities.

The teeth have never been tested to see if they really are covered in gold and there is some speculation that their appearance is due to a more mundane tartar build up. What do you believe?