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Molecular Intimacies Symposium: End of the World Pop-Up Restaurant: Andrew Black

Friday 31 January 2020

£12.50 for 3 courses
Bookings at | 01431821327


Mackerel fishcake with pickled fennel and [blood] orange 

Romanesco, chickpea and almond cake with aioli (vegan)


Fish stew

Spiced Beetroot Stew

Side Dishes

Sumac Roasted Potatoes


served with home-baked bread


Earl grey, bay and honey cake


Andrew Black is an artist, organiser and cook, whose work subjectively presents queer narratives, exploring personal and collective relationships to work, nature, institutions and the state, and thinks around provinciality.

Best For Most Club is a programme of workshops, talks and actions, which questions what it means to be living in the age of catastrophic climate change, a period which Amitav Ghosh predicts will be viewed as an era of derangement for our failure to grasp the irreversible scale and violence of it.  We will work with grass-roots activists, individuals and organisations from a multiple of disciplines invested in protecting and restoring the environment, to examine the local threat of climate change and its global relationship to postcolonial politics, food and energy sovereignty, the financialisation of the ecosystem and alternative agricultural systems.