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Petrit Halilaj

Kosovo-born Petrit Halilaj is a visual artist living and working between Germany, Kosovo and Italy. In his practice, he develops ambitious spatial installations that transpose personal relationships into sculptural forms.

In this exhibition, Petrit presents Untitled (For Felix) (2020), an homage to Felix Gonzalez-Torres’ Untitled (Portrait of Ross in L.A.) (1991), an interactive sculpture commemorating the artist’s partner lost to AIDS-related complications.

Untitled (For Felix)2020) consists of a pile of feathers, sourced from pillows that once belonged to loved ones, gathered in a corner signifying birds and recalling the artist’s thematic interests in flying creatures as agents of freedom. Serving as a monument to care and vulnerability, the artwork captures the essence, memories, and perhaps even the dreams of the beloved person.

This is a participatory artwork made possible by people from the local community including Jean Sargent, Jill Ferguson, Lisa MacDonald and Penny Kane who donated pillows to celebrate their loved ones.

Dave, Jean’s late husband 
Heather, Lisa’s daughter
Tim and Debra, Jill’s dad and cousin
and for Penny’s dear family