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Khaled Jarrar

Khaled Jarrar is a multidisciplinary artist born in Jenin, Occupied Palestine. Through highly symbolic photos, videos and performative interventions, the artist explores modern power struggles and their sociocultural impact on ordinary citizens. In the exhibition, he presents Postage Stamp, Hopefully(Year Unknown), an enlarged image of a postal stamp for the State of Palestine he imagined in 2011 featuring as a key motif the Palestine sunbird. These small blue birds, called hummingbirds or Abu Zurayk (translating as blueish) by Palestinians, have been pushed out of their natural habitat due to the ongoing destruction of green spaces due to the Israeli occupation. However, they have managed to stay alive and cope, becoming a symbol of resistance, resilience and freedom. A life-size bronze sculpture of the Palestine sunbird symbolising immobility and collective pain and silence will be presented by the artist after the July “swirl.”