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adrienne maree brown

Exhibition View adrienne maree brown, a spell for the equinox

American author and activist adrienne maree brown’s book Emergent Strategy: Shaping Change, Changing Worlds inspired the exhibition’s title We Move As A Murmuration. In the chapter “intentional adaptation: how we change,” adrienne and Sierra Pickett describe murmuration as a movement of a collective leadership and real-time collective adaptation, based on a deep trust amongst neighbouring creatures. For this group show, adrienne presents a sound piece featuring her reading of “spells” from the year-long collective Murmuration studies with Yes! Magazine (2021-22). These were explorations of accountability to oneself and the global ecosystem with “Spell for a Season” marking each solstice and equinox.

In the initial installation, adrienne presents a spell for the spring equinox , a fitting work announcing the arrival of the exhibition coinciding with the new spring, but also a reminder that “life moves ever towards life.” From July onwards, audiences can listen to a spell gathering the essence of adrienne’s Murmuration studies. The tenderness and confidence in the artist’s voice invite the audience in a collective spell encouraging listeners to keep learning and moving together. This spell poses the crucial question: “what kind of transformation is possible in us, and in our lifetimes” while offering words of healing and change to envision harmony between humanity and “all that lives.”