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Next open on Saturday at 10am


YASS! Clubs (Youth Action Social Squad)

Every Friday

1400 – 1445 (3 – 7 yrs) *parents with children 6 and under must stay in the Timespan building

1530 – 1640 (8-10 yrs)

Every Saturday

1100 – 1330 (11 – 17 yrs)

FUTURE: Starting in 2020 on Friday 24th January

Big YASS January!

Big YASS will have one January meeting, then all big YASS members (new and old) are welcome to the meal in Timespan on 31 January, a pop-up nuclear end of the wrold restaurant!

Big YASS February

Big YASS will run every Saturday through the year, here is the February schedule.

Little YASS January 2020

Little YASS Club returns on 24 January, here are the events for the rest of the month!

Little YASS February 2020

Little YASS events will run all through February 2020 and the coming months, here are the plans so far.


Friday 13th and Saturday 14th December

Little YASS!

In Little YASS club this week, we will be continuing our investigations into the water and the moon. Using natural dyes we will be experimenting to create interpretations of changing weather patterns centering in on one place over the course of a year .

YASS! Club

Focusing in on the stories of young people in different places and their resistance to the climate crisis, we will be making individual and collaborative moon, water and weather maps of each of the places they live in, over the course of a year. These maps will be connected together and include a map of the weather here in Helmsdale.

Friday 6th December and Saturday 7th December

Little YASS!

In the little YASS! club this week, we will be working in collaboration with water and the moon, to look at how weather patterns in different places change over the course of a year.

YASS! Club

In previous weeks, we created links between our memories and experiences of weather. This week we will be focusing on stories from young people from different places all around the world and their experiences of, and resistance to, the climate crisis. From community organising, to speaking out, to protest, we will be thinking about building connections between our different and similar experiences.

Friday 29th and Saturday 30th November

Little YASS:
This week, we’ll cover the floor of the workshop with drawings of countries to play games with lots of moving.
This way we can begin to understand the different environmental conditions that can happen between places that are often taught as being similar or very close together.

A workshop focusing on the sharing of our multiple stories that intimately connect us to one another, wherever we exist in the world. Whilst making sketchbooks and recycled covers to document our and others’ experiences, thoughts, questions, lived environments and alternative imaginations.

Friday 22nd and Saturday 23rd November

In the little YASS clubs this week, we’re thinking about building a new mapping of places, weather and emotions using drawing and collage. Starting with a large print off of a recognisable world map, through quick drawing exercises and chatting, it will become the base for something much more surprising!

Whilst, the big YASS club will be centring on making sketchbooks and a sketchbook holder, as well as chatting about the importance of hearing multiple stories from different areas of the world and how extreme weather conditions affect people in ways that often go unseen.

Friday 1st and Saturday 2nd November

This week, YASS! Club is all about the weather, and how it can change the way we act, think and feel. We’ll be drawing, moving around and talking about the sun, rain and everything in between and beyond.

Friday 25th & Saturday 26th October

Halloween special – masks, costumes and decorations!

Friday 18th & Saturday 19th October

The first week of YASS club is dedicated to plant-bombing Timespan and eventually turning it into a botanical garden! There’s a whole pile of seeds and cuttings to pot and grow all around Timespan, which will be released around the village later this year. Come along, plant some greens and customise your own plant pots so you can see how much they grow over the next few months.