Tim Knowles | Post Box

A parcel’s journey from London E3 5QZ to Barra HS9 5XW

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20 July – 6 October 2013
A specially constructed parcel recorded its 902-mile journey through the postal system from London to the Isle of Barra, in a sequence of 20,000 images, a continuous audio recording and a GPS track. The piece captures a wonderful array of random, abstract images, post office interiors, sorting facilities, people at work, the processing of mail and the many different modes of transport used during its journey; revealing the unseen world of Royal Mail’s postal system. Click here for a preview. 

The exhibition Post Box was shown in conjunction with Sock Sampler, a trans-Atlantic knitting project. Timespan’s Knitting Group sent parcels with hand-made single socks to Winnipeg in commemoration of the 1813 Kildonan Clearances and have received the paired socks back. This project has been inspired by a letter shipped from Scotland to the Red River settlement in 1815 with the second group of settlers from the Strath of Kildonan.

…we sent five yards and a quarter between yourself and your sister with Alexander Matheson, Ouldbreachy of Pladain, and your name in the end of it, and we sent two gray yarns for stockings and black ones for the same and a little of black and white sewing thread...” from a letter by William Macpherson to John and Catherine Macpherson, dated 7th July 1815, Gailiable, Kildonan.