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We have some great bakers who are mad about bread and make delicious wholesome bread from natural ingredients without any additional additives. All bread used in the cafe menu is freshly baked each morning, keeping our food miles to a minimum.

You can pre-order your loaf by filling out the order form (available to download here) and emailing or phoning 01431821327. Orders to be received by 1400 the day before delivery.

Our speciality bread list is ever-changing but you can get an idea of the different styles and flavour combinations from the list on the order form.

Slow Bread Principles

Bread is meant to be simple – flour, water and yeast – made this way it is healthy and nutritious.  All too often, commercial bread is full of additives designed to speed the baking process and then preserve the bread while it is transported long distances.

At Timespan we are trying to restore the simplicity of real bread, so we use no artificial preservatives or means to force the bread to be ready before it naturally rises.

You can find out more about real bread principles from The Real Bread Campaign.

Types of Bread

While we can offer a range of breads with different shapes, textures and ingredients, all our loaves use one of three basic approaches:

Our sourdoughs mostly use a classic French style starter (called a Levain). This is made with white bread flour and is about 4 years old. It gives a light taste to the breads and means these loaves do not use fresh yeast (so may not rise very much). The German and Czech sourdoughs use what is called a Poulish starter (about 5 years old) made with Rye flour. In combination with the final ingredients, this gives dense, rich tasting breads with very little rise.

Most of our breads are made using the French and Italian technique of a pre-ferment. Basically this means the bread is made over 2 days and the first stage is a white flour, water and yeast starter.  This is added to the rest of the ingredients on the second day and then the bread is baked.  The starter gives the final bread extra flavour and texture.  All our baguettes are made this way.

Finally, we make some breads using the conventional approach of mixing the flour(s), water, yeast and other ingredients and then letting it rise before baking.

If a bread is described as ‘enriched’ it will contain butter, most likely eggs and milk and usually some added sugar.