Translocation Excavation Launch

People standing around a longhouse

24-26 May/ Geophysical survey at Caen by ORCA
May 25th/ 10.30am/ Walk around Caen Township
6pm/ Carolyn Lefley/ Launch of Realm
7.30/ Talk and Launch of Excavation Project (£2 incl tea)
All welcome

24-26 May/ Geophysical survey at Caen by ORCA
Keir Strickland (Lecturer in archaeology at Orkney College UHI) and Mary Saunders (Geophysical surveyor, Orkney College UHI) carried out a geophysical survey of parts of the township of Caen in the Strath of Kildonan prior to the excavation work in the last two weeks of June. This was an exciting opportunity to explore a Clearance settlement and lean more about what lies underneath the ground, e.g. hidden walls and buildings, pits and deposits of material and hearths and internal structures. May 25th/ 10.30am/ Walk around Caen Township
We walked into the past as we explored the township remains, including longhouses, corn-drying kiln and tattie pits. We learned about the people who lived there and why they had to leave!

6pm/ Carolyn Lefley/ Launch of Realm
An exhibition of photographic works by Carolyn Lefley

The work in this exhibition depicted a world that floats between reality and fantasy; between believable spaces and sites of make believe. Down the rabbit hole, through the looking glass and into the wardrobe, all of these paths lead from the territory of the real, into the realm of wonder and myth.

‘Realm’ (2009-2012) was a new body of work by London based artist Carolyn Lefley, consisting of double exposure images that create a layering of realities. A familiar domestic interior and a potentially mythological landscape combine to create an alternative reality, with reference to texts such as Alice in Wonderland and The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe. Through these images the home became a portal into a mythical realm.

The abandoned interior element of each photograph was captured in Sutherland, with the majority photographed in the local Helmsdale area. The projected landscapes were sites of folklore and fable, captured all over the British Isles.

Carolyn Lefley was an artist in Residence at Timespan for the length of this exhibition. She also made new work in response to the longhouse excavation.

7.30/ Talk and Launch of Excavation project (£2 incl tea)

Keir Strickland, Mary Saunders and Jacquie Aitken We heard about the history of Caen from prehistory to modern times and about the farmers who lived there for thousands of years and how it all came to an abrupt end with the events of the Highland Clearances. We found out what happened to the inhabitants and the incredible journey to the Red River Settlement, in Canada, in 1813 and 1815. We were amazed to learn how the latest geophysical survey techniques were used to explore the archaeological remains that lay hidden under the ground surface at Caen.

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