Trace Your Roots

If you have ancestors from East Sutherland we may be able to help with your family history research.

We have extensive genealogical sources for Sutherland including census reports, parish records from 1790, graveyard records, maps and a database of detailed records of several East Sutherland families. A selection of the Sutherland Estate papers are available for consultation, including rentals from 1740s to 1820, eviction lists from 1819-20, as well as inventories and other documents.  We may even have photographs of your ancestors’ crofts and houses.

Highland genealogy can be frustrating, especially to those unfamiliar with the places and people concerned, but our local knowledge and research expertise can help you.

Got an enquiry you’d like our help with?  We have an experienced Genealogy Group who can help with enquiries or undertake research on your behalf.  Details and the costs of our services can be found in our Genealogy Enquiry Information document.  Please use our Ancestor Research Enquiry Form to request research or to arrange a meeting.  Your fees help us to continue to care for our archive and to maintain our genealogical resources.