Milly Thompson Perfume: Shatavari: VOLATILE



The artist, Milly Thompson, has worked with herbalists and perfumer Eliza Douglas to produce a collection of three perfumes:  SHATAVARI: INVISIBLE; PROPOSITION and VOLATILE. Each has Shatavari as its base note*, a herb known as Queen with a Thousand Kings which has been used for thousands of years in herbal medicine, refreshing parts of the female body that other medicines haven’t reached. The perfumes will be available to buy from Timespan as a set, or individually depending on which mood you’d like to evoke – solitude, seduction or power.

VOLATILE: Jasmine beguiles, with an undertow of animal attraction. It celebrates lunar swings and primal bodies. Sandalwood is present for sensuality and softness whilst Beeswax Absolutedoes what it says on the tin; it’s enticing, floral and honey sweet.  

* none of the perfumes contain a medical dose of shatavari.