Opportunity: Archive Development Manager

Timespan is seeking a dedicated and experienced Development Manager to re-house and organise our archive.

Transforming our Archive is an 18 month project, funded by HLF. Timespan holds a large volume of records that are particularly valuable for the documentation of Helmsdale’s history and its surrounding region. We want to develop Timespan’s archive into an accessible resource and place of research, in order to ensure the long-term care and sustainability of the collection, and to inspire greater public participation and learning. Our archival collection forms the backbone of all of our work.

The project will enable

  • re-housing of our archive to a publicly accessible space in our building (minor capital works). As a result our heritage will be better accessible, interpreted and explained.
  • cataloguing, conserving, digitising and presenting of our archival collection in collaboration with existing and new volunteers. As a result our local heritage will be better managed, preserved, and recorded.
  • a year-long training and engagement programme for local people to get to know our archive better, and to help make decisions for the future on how it will be maintained, interpreted and furthered. This includes deciding which records of today will be relevant for the future. As a result people will have learnt about heritage and our organisation will become more resilient.


  • Salary: £22,500 pro rata
  • Hours: 3 days per week
  • Contract: fixed term – 18 month
  • Location: Timespan, Helmsdale


For further information, and to receive an application pack, please contact Anna Vermehren.

Your application should include

  • A covering letter not exceeding 2 A4 pages stating why you wish to be considered for this position.
  • A CV demonstrating relevant experience.

Please send your application to director@timespan.org.uk by the 8th of September 2016.