oliver mezger: calling helmsdale…

10 May 2013 | 6pm | Timespan Gallery

All welcome. Refreshments provided.
You are invited to an informal gallery event to see calling helmsdale… and to talk about the work that Oliver Mezger has created here, in Helmsdale. 

Over the duration of this show he has been exploring ways to display visual material he has gathered as part of his project Digital Society. Oliver creates unexpected collisions and associations, using knowledge and techniques he has developed while working in the local area. He makes connections between still and moving images to reflect his experience of Helmsdale and East Sutherland today, as it becomes evermore integrated into a digital culture.

As part of his 2 year residency at Timespan Oliver is engaging the older community of Helmsdale and East Sutherland through digital technologies. He is an experimental film-maker and Digital Artist.


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