Invitation to Tender – Museum for the North

We are please to announce that we are inviting to tender for two exciting opportunities, Museum Curation and Exhibition Design and Installation.

Museum for the North is an 18-month project, funded by Museums Galleries Scotland, to develop a collaborative museum-making model with the community of Helmsdale, to change some of Timespan’s current museum exhibitions, to maximise our collection, and to focus on the concept of North. This project uses a process based methodology to design an exhibition that is of local relevance whilst also engaging a global visiting audience.

To date we have undertaken a lengthy consultation with the community to better understand what aspects of local heritage are important for the identity of place. Feedback from visitors and locals indicate that although some visitors appreciate text heavy exhibitions, many others enjoy a more immersive, story-led approach to exhibitions and collections.

Timespan’s Museum is located on the ground level of the building, close to the reception. The museum itself comprises of three rooms and a corridor which is host to a popular time-line. At present, the first room shows a character-led display focussing on the time of the Highland Clearances. The second room is entitled Storytelling Room, in which the visitor can explore the immersive Virtual World of Caen as well as narrated animations of local legends and stories. The third area is a four-scene display of life in and around Helmsdale during the early 20th century. The smiddy, shop, byre and croft reconstructions include approximately 25% of the objects in our collection.

While the Museum could be seen as a stand-alone visitor attraction, it is important to us that the space is well integrated in our organisational offer which includes an exhibition programme in the gallery, residency opportunities for artists and researchers, extensive archival and object collections as well as a cultural events and education programme.

For details and how to apply, please view the following documents:

Museum for the North – Curator

Museum for the North – Design

Additional information for consideration can be found in the document Museum for the North – Information.

Responses to be returned by 5pm Thursday 24 November 2016.

All those who tender will be informed of the outcome of their application by 30 November 2016. Feedback on unsuccessful applications will be provided on request.