Fernweh Update

Documentation from the Fernweh event 1st May at Timespan.


Fernweh Dinner | Timespan | 1st May 2013

Riverside Cafe

Introduction by Anna Vermehren

Tomato and Celery Soup

8 Curator’s Responses to Helmsdale

Address to the Haggis | Address to the Gallery

Haggis, Neeps and Tatties

Timespan Gallery

Fernweh Discussion, based on the questions below

Teas | Coffees | Cake

Informal Chat and Pub


8 Questions for 8 Curators

the following questions served as talking points for the discussion in the gallery.

1. How can art production be ‘meaningful’ to the social, geographical and historical context of Helmsdale?

2. Placemaking –  a multi-faceted approach to the planning, design and management of public spaces. Is this our responsibility? What is our role in shaping local culture?

3. How does art production differ from urban to rural/remote locations?

4. Is it fair to ask artists to respond to our place?

5. What is our responsibility towards local artists? What is our responsibility towards the local community?

6. Documenting social engagement and distributing the material is a way of myth making. Do you agree? Is the myth an outcome of a socially engaged artwork?

7. How to represent an aesthetic experience in the gallery?

8. How do socially engaged art practices and galleries fit together?



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