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Serendipitous North / Writing has seen pen put to paper by many of Helmsdale’s community and many stories shared, encouraged and inspired by Writer-in-Residence Laura Marney.

With her latest novel, For Faughie’s Sake, set in a village not so far removed from Helmsdale, author Laura Marney seemed the perfect choice for our first Serendipitous North residency. During her time in the village Laura held a number of workshops and events to get people writing as well as giving 1-to-1 tutorials for some of the village’s keenest writers. Although the residency has concluded, a regular writers’ group has been established and will continue to meet and we look forward to sharing some of their work.

The writing residency also saw the first meeting of a Helmsdale Book Group with 10 keen readers coming together to discuss Jean Rafferty’s The Four Marys: A Quartet of Contemporary Folk Tales. The group were also had the opportunity to ask questions directly to the author who joined the session via Skype. Readers are now meeting once a week, reading in advance and discuss together the book chosen. 

Writer-in-Residence: Laura Marney

Laura Marney is the author of the best-selling novels No Wonder I Take a Drink, Nobody Loves a Ginger Baby, Only Strange People go to Church and My Best Friend has Issues. Laura’s first novel, the dark comedy ‘No Wonder I Take A Drink’, was voted one of the Top 20 Scottish of Books of All Time by The List reader poll. The long awaited sequel, ‘For Faughie’s Sake’, set in the fictional Highland village of Inverfaughie will have its Highland launch at Timespan.


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