Making Museums: Place + Politics Symposium


Welcome buffet and exhibition opening, Thursday 9 March 2017
A first opportunity to meet over food prepared by Timespan’s Riverside Cafe

19.30 Exhibition Opening

19.45 Buffet in the Cafe 


Making Museums | Place and Politics symposium, Friday 10 March 2017, 10.00 – 17.00

10.00 Introduction 

10.15 Collecting the Contemporary – Keynote: Danielle Kuijten of Imagine IC

11.15 Break 

11.45 The Museum, its Place and its Publics – Round table discussion (3 20min contributions)

Bringing together a range of speakers whose projects and practices reflect on the role of museum with respect to their place, collections, and publics.

  • Christine Millar, The MacManus, Dundee, “The People’s Story”
  • Dr Emma Martin, Senior Curator Ethnology for National Museums Liverpool (NML) and Lecture in Museology at The University of Manchester, “Tibet: Dreams & Realities –
  • Bahbak Hashemi-Nezhad, Designer-in-Residence, Re-visiting Our Museum

13.00 Lunch

14.00  Workshop Sessions (1.5hrs / active, discursive sessions for groups of 5-10 participants)

  • Museum for the North: Exhibitions in Transition, Tom Smith, Lateral North and Arabella Harvey, Independant Curator, Designer and Curator for Timespan’s current museum redevelopment project
    Key focus: making visible Timespan’s museum redevelopment process
  • Stratify Yourself: Transposing Terminology, Alison Scott, Timespan’s Graduate Fellow
    How do we visualise ‘actions’ on a geological time frame with our own short moments of activity: can we relate a human body to seemingly inert matter through the idea of process. How can we relate to terminology and how do we visualise or enact processes, thinking about pace, formation, reaction, movement, scale.
  • Collections in Civic Space (tbc), Amanda Crabtree, artconnexion, Lille
  • Red Herrings?  Captioning the Curing Yard in an age of migration Virtual Curing Yard, Jo Clements, Archive Development Manager, Timespan

15.45 Break

16:00 Museums + Migration: Provocation and Response

Facilitated group discussions leading to responses from the symposium participants. As practitioners engaging with museums, what can we do to make change from within?

17.00 Thanks and invitation to following day.

Dinner, Friday 10 March 2017, 19.00, Old Free Church
Catered for by The Whaligoe Steps Cafe (£10)