Wendy McMurdo

Timespan’s gallery programme for 2006 commenced with an exhibition by renowned Edinburgh based artist Wendy McMurdo.

Wendy was commissioned by Timespan in  2005 to produce a body of work inspired by the museum, funded by The Scottish Arts Council and The Highland Council.

Working collaboratively with Timespan’s story teller Lorna Jappy and Eden Court Drama worker Lorna Sutherland, over the period of 2 days, children were invited to respond to several of the main themes of the museum. The resulting photography was a response to trailing these drama workshops and exploring how the children used drama us a powerful tool to explore their own history.

Killing of last Wolf

Wendy was assisted throughout the week by Golspie High School Higher Art pupils Ayasha Wood and Ben Farrall .

Wendy has previously been commissioned to work within museum settings exploring the complex relationship human beings have with the past. Dramatic photographic images explore perceptions of ‘self’, considering the identity of children and how they are perceived in an adult world. Work is based on the interplay between technology and art. She utilises traditional and digital technologies to explore and push the boundaries of image-based work to create challenging work with dimensions beyond the 2-D.


Girll in a Red Shawl

Please see www.wendymcmurdo.com for more information