Transit | Sam Dransfield

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In Central Scotland and Northern Japan, Sam Dransfield followed a path traced out by the power lines overhead, tracking the flow of electricity from domestic destination back to industrial source. The resultant journeys take the artist through a strange no-man’s land – across canals, motorways, railway cuttings and embankments, through golf courses, overgrown meadows and bogs, icy fields of vegetables, cereals and steaming livestock, past the creeping fringes of the suburbs and into areas of heavy industry and agriculture. The viewer too is led on a journey through places which are physically remote from our everyday lives, yet also inextricably connected to contemporary living.

The exhibition Transit brought work from both Scottish and Japanese series together for the first time alongside a new cyanotype work that documents a different sort of journey, the transit of the work from Glasgow to Timespan’s Gallery in Helmsdale.

A Blueprint for a Journey – A cyanotype workshop | Sat 6 September, 2pm-5pm

Creating a visual record of a journey, the workshop was led by the artist. Beginning with a walk to gather objects and inspiration, participants then created their own cyanotypes – a type of photographic print known for its distinctive blue hue – using the items collected.



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