Dark Matter | Samantha Clark

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Through the dark months of a Northern Winter, Samantha Clark explores what darkness might illuminate, and conversely what light might hide or obscure.

The brightness of the daytime sky conceals our real place in the universe by veiling our view of the stars. And even the luminous bodies in the night sky are only a small part of the story. Astrophysicists now tell us that dark matter and dark energy form 95% of physical reality, and yet these have never been directly detected. It seems, then, that most of reality is dark, hidden, impossibly remote and yet all around and within us. The long dark nights of the winter months in Scotland’s Far North provide the perfect context to consider these questions.


Samantha Clark is an artist based in Edinburgh, and is Reader in Art at the University of the West of Scotland. Her practice moves between creative writing and visual art, exploring personal and scientific notions of distance, emptiness and remoteness through lyric nonfiction, essay, installation, video, drawing and participatory events. The scientific hypothesis of the ‘subtle ether’, a something-nothing connecting all things across distance and filling empty space, is a leitmotif running through much of Samantha’s recent work and she is currently undertaking a PhD in Creative Writing at the University of St Andrews, writing a book of creative nonfiction on the subject.

Samantha has completed residencies including the Scottish Arts Council Australia Residency and the British School at Rome and has exhibited widely in galleries in the UK, Australia and Europe, most recently at the Northern Gallery of Contemporary Art, Sunderland, the Scottish Poetry Library, Edinburgh, and the Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo. Her written work has been published in the journals Environmental Values, Green Letters: Studies in Ecocriticism, Antennae: Journal of Nature and Visual Culture, and on Terrain.org: Journal of Built and Natural Environments.

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