Outreach Residency Project

The Outreach Artist in Residence Programme was a two-year programme of Visual Arts Residencies in Sutherland based on the local heritage; natural, built and cultural.

Through seven residencies, eight artists worked with communities across Sutherland, making new work responding to the heritage of the local area:

Jon MacLeod, painter and printmaker
Cultural & Historical Heritage
November 04 – February 2005

Jon Macleod spent 3 months in Helmsdale and his small jewel like pieces showed aspects of his many walks in the area and his particular interest in the history of Gartymore.

Gemma Petrie, painter and photographer
Natural Heritage
October – November 2005

During her residency, Gemma Petrie focussed on the mosses, lichens and algae of the area, their distinct and varied shapes forming the basis for her large watercolour paintings.

Nigel Mullen, sculptor and printmaker
Natural Heritage
October – November 2005

Nigel Mullan was intrigued by local place names and their translation from and into Gaelic and the way that they reflect the landscape producing a piece of sculpture and two large prints to express his interest.

Helmsdale Harbour Commission
Julian Meredith, painter and photographer
Natural Heritage
March – May 2006

Julian Meredith drew on the migration of salmon up and down the River Helmsdale and whales passing in the North Sea as the inspiration for his work. His final work, a large scale fish in stainless steel was installed on one of the harbour walls.

Beatriz Pimenta Vellosa, digital artist
Cultural Heritage
July – August 2006

Beatriz Pimenta Velloso, who travelled to Sutherland from Rio de Janeiro, created a series of photographs and a video piece ‘Cultural Clearances’ which gave an interesting view of Brora through the eyes of an artist from a huge city with a population of millions.

Strath of Kildonan:
Catriona Murray & Janis MacKay, artist and writer
Cultural & Historical Heritage
November 06 – March 07

Aritst Catriona Murray and writer Janis Mackay undertook the only collaborative residency, working together to create work which gave an evocative description of the Strath of Kildonan in winter.

Outreach – Reach Out

Following the culmination of the seven residencies, Outreach – Reach Out presented a selection of work made during the course of the Outreach residency programme in the gallery at Timespan. The exhibition showed the varying ways in which the artists had captured something of the essence of Sutherland and its unique heritage.

Presented alongside the exhibition of artists’ work was a display of some of the creative work produced by local school children who had participated in workshops run as part of the residency programme.

The Outreach Residency Programme was funded by Scottish Arts Council, North Highland Leader and Scottish Natural Heritage