Metamorporphic Forms

Metamorphic Forms | Lotte Glob, Jenny Mackenzie Ross, and Patricia Shone
11 November 2017 – 25 February 2018

Metamorphic Forms brings together the work of three makers whose sculptural ceramic works draw inspiration from the geological landscape of the northern Highlands and take form from clay, a geological material deposit, built up over time and one of the oldest building materials on Earth.

Lotte Glob’s practice spans ceramic object making and ephemeral interventions which place her ceramic work back into the landscape of the North-west Highlands which have inspired them. Jenny Ross’s ceramic sculptures reference the environment around her Caithness studio where the geological underbelly of the land meets the soil and sea.The textured surfaces of Patricia Shone’s series of Erosion series of bowls, pots, and jars take inspiration from the varied marks and patterns formed by processes of erosion on the Isle of Skye.

This exhibition is part of a programme of support for artists and makers working in the northern Highlands and Islands. You can find out more about the many creative practitioners working across this region on our online platform Artlands North or visit Timespan’s Cafe and Shop where you can find a varied range of work for sale.

Image: Patricia Shone, 3 lidded jars Erosion jars, raku-fired. Photographer: Shannon Tofts