Inside Out / Outside In

Inside Out – Kyra Clegg / Outside In – Judith MacLachlan
23 August – 25 October 2008

Two artists look at inner space and exterior places through the framework of housing and landscape.


Kyra Clegg’s sculptural works are based on houses. These structures inhabit their own landscapes – small scale environments which can never be lived in except through the imagination. created from a diverse range of materials which include wax, porcelain, metal and feathers, their textures and scale invite the viewer to inhabit an inner space where different events and inhabitants can be imagined.

Pastoral Habitats

Pastoral Habitats by Kyra Clegg


Judith MacLachlan’s work is about the merging of the landscape with the domestic interior. This may include not only objects, but ideas taken from things read, heard on the radio or events trivial or momentous, The colours and textures of the paintings may be drawn from a scrap of plastic found on the beach to something overheard in conversation.

House of Pupae

House of Pupae by Kyra Clegg

Both artists are interested in the creation of imaginary environments which connect with a sense of external reality. Their work involves the use of found materials as inspiration and as a means of construction. Their fascination with the texture and colours of sea-found objects resulted in the joint 2004 exhibition Sea Liminal which explored the borderline between land and sea.

Joint Image

Joint Image


Judith MacLachlan lives on the west coast of Skye. Her gallery Three Camuslusta is situated along the beach from the village of Stein.

Kyra Clegg lives onthe east coast of Scotland in Newburgh, Fife.


Artist/Maker Showcase

Carrie Fertig


23 August  – 25 October 2008


Sheep are loaded with symbolism; particularly in Scotland, and their anthropomorphic use conveys meaning unachievable with other animals. My work uses playfulness and a toy like quality as tools for social commentary on the way we treat each other and the planet. Creatures dance between cute and horrific. Research is informed by interventions with people and animals, history and the vernacular of my current location. Work is set in the landscape or built environment, photographed, changing narrative with locale. Primarily I use flame worked glass to express my ideas, as I can make monumental works of seeming insubstantiality. This quality of that which is there and not there leads to ideas of that which is no longer there, loss, fragility and caring.

Carrie Fertig

Carrie Fertig