#Geek In Residence | Alistair Gentry

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As part of Timespan’s Paradigm North Programme, we have invited a creative practitioner to become our Geek in Residence. Access to advanced digital technology is rare in remote communities; this is an opportunity for the residents of Helmsdale to get hands on experience with 3D printing technologies.


Alistair Gentry will be Timespan’s Geek in Residence, working with digital fabrication equipment that will be installed in partnership with MakLab.

This equipment will be available for the use of the community in Helmsdale; exploring the use of new digital technology  and finding out what it means to be connected to a larger global movement.

Alistair will be holding workshops, talks and events so keep an eye out on our Whats On page and our Facebook page for upcoming events.


Alistair Gentry is a multidisciplinary artist and writer  often working collaboratively with scientists and in academic processes, sometimes in a satirical manner. His interest in creepy old mannequins, broken toys, silly costumes, museums, absurdity and “making technology do things its manufacturers wouldn’t approve of.” He is the founder of Market Project, a research and development group for artists from East Anglia.

Author of Career Suicide: Ten Years as a Free Range Artist, he has worked on national and international projects in Berwick Upon Tweed, Snowdonia, in rural China, Norway, Beijing, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Tokyo and Yokohama.


MakLab  is a design and prototyping studio in Glasgow, it is Scotland’s first open access digital fabrication studio. Involving professionals, technology, design, engineering and coding, they aid creative industries in Scotland in accessing digital fabrication technology.