Teenage Kicks | DUFI

Teenage Kicks was an exhibition of work by urban artists DUFI, which explored the relationship between street art, music and childhood.  Dufi is the collaborative brainchild of Al MacInnes and Fin Macrae born from a love of spray-paint, urban art and creativity. Based in the Highlands they do both community work and private commissions. They are currently commissioned by Derby City Council to complete a large scale public art sculpture in the Alvaston redevelopment.

“If you really want to torture me, sit me in a room strapped to a chair and put Mariah Carey’s Records on.”  Cameron Diaz

With this exhibition Dufi didn’t intend to torture you, but they did intend to give you the option of self-torture with this piece of interactive art. A homage to the importance of music in graffiti culture and also the importance of music on their own developmental years growing up in the Highlands and Canada. From Run DMC to Runrig with a bit of humour chucked in too…think more ‘on the croft’ than ‘in da hood’!


Visit www.dufi-art.com


This project was supported by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation and by the European Community Highland Leader 2007-2013 programme.