Death Makes Angels of Us All


17 September – 11 October 2015

Death Makes Angels of Us All brought together three video works by German artist Clemens Wilhelm who undertook a three-month residency in Helmsdale that took as its starting point the legacy of Joseph Beuys, following the ARTIST ROOMS exhibition of Beuys’ work at Timespan during summer 2015.

In part referencing the mythologies that surround Beuys’ life and work, the exhibition touched on the stories we create about ourselves and about others, and the reasons we might tell them.

Programmed in conjunction with Clemens’ residenyc, the exhibition offered an opportunity to share some of his earlier work as well as tracing links between the work of Beuys, whose influence on contemporary practice is often referenced, and an artist working today.

Clemens’ residency was supported by ARTIST ROOMS as part of the activity programmed in conjunction with the ARTIST ROOMS: Joseph Beuys exhibition at Timespan in summer 2015. ARTIST ROOMS is an inspirational collection of modern and contemporary art acquired for the nation by Tate and National Galleries of Scotland through the generosity of Anthony d’Offay with additional support from funders, including the Art Fund.


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