A Layered Land


A Layered Land
Caroline Dear and Magi Sinclair
Exhibition: 19 November 2016 – 5 February 2017

Laid down over thousands of years, peatlands are distinctive environments. Their surfaces are patterned by the rich flora and fauna of the peatbog and the marks left by our own interactions with the landscape. Their depths hold a material record of time.

A Layered Land brings together the work of two artists made in response to the peatlands of Northern Scotland: Magi Sinclair who works with carbon to create large drawings of the vast peatland expanse of the Flow Country, and Caroline Dear whose work takes peat as both its subject matter and medium.

Caroline Dear is an artist based in Skye. Within her practice, Caroline works with a wide range of natural materials  She has been researching peat – its particular physical characteristics, its scientific background and its cultural resonance – for more than a decade, creating work which draws on these varied material properties. For Caroline, peat is a natural archive, in the mythical, cultural and scientific sense.

For A Layered Land, Caroline will present a selection of work in which peat is both medium and subject matter: screen prints made using peat as printing ink and a wall work made for the exhibition through the building up of thin layers of peat applied directly to the gallery walls. Using simple architectural forms and incorporating text, these works draw attention to peat’s materiality and cultural resonances.


Magi Sinclair is an artist who lives and works in Caithness. Her work responds to the environments of her home county – typified by vast flat lands and big skies at its interior, and steep and rocky cliffs where it meets the sea.

For A Layered Land, Magi will present a series of large drawings depicting the vast peatland environment of the Flow Country made using carbon, a material stored in large quantities within the peatland. The exhibition will also include a number of her smaller works which shift the focus to a smaller scale, focusing on the flora found within the peatland bog.

A Layered Land is part of a programme of support for artists and makers working in the northern Highlands and Islands. Visit artlandsnorth.timespan.org.uk to discover more.
In relation to the exhibition, Timespan organised a series of events to explore peat from different perspectives:
Whisky Tasting | 9 December 2016 

A Layered Land

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