The weather in Helmsdale: 11°C / Light rain

From Friday 27th November, Timespan is temporarily closed for the Winter Season.

Here you can take a virtual tour of some selected items from our collection and hear more about them.

Click on one of the objects below to take a closer look.

Drip Tray from Helmsdale Distillery
Kainer’s Telescope
Plesiosaur Cervical Vertebrae Fossil
Sheep’s Jaw with Gold Teeth
Gold Pan
Taxidermy Mounted Salmon
Helmsdale Castle Lintel
Borrobol Carved Pictish Stone
Gansey Jumper
 Horsehair Tipping Lines
Herring Net in Cran Basket
Steam Coaster “Naviedale”
Model “Fifie” Fishing Boat
Creel Basket
Cooper Made Flask and Goblet
Blacksmith’s Anvil
Bog Wood Chair
Flaughter or Divot Spade
Space Rock
Sugar Cone