All Objects Great and Small



25 June – 4 September 2016

Over the last 30 years Timespan has acquired a collection of nearly 2000 artefacts which tell the story of the area and its people. For the first time Timespan opened up the whole collection for you to see and browse. The collection was displayed in three different ways over the course of the exhibition: ordered numerically by the objects’ catalogue numbers (25 June – 10 July), thematically (16 July – 7 August), and according to the materials with which they are made (12 August – 4 September).

Timespan’s collection catalogue started in 1987, the year in which the building was first opened to the public. Members of the committee took on the arduous work of writing a paper catalogue consisting of hundreds of objects. Around 2001 the catalogue was digitised and extended further, and since 2005 transferred to AdLib, a professional cataloguing software. Our volunteers have invested many hours of work to maintain the collection and to complete the catalogue. Without this work Timespan’s Museum would not classify for Accreditation, a national quality assurance scheme administered in Scotland by Museums Galleries Scotland which Timespan was first awarded in 2011 when the scheme was established.

Launch with refreshments | 18:00, 24 June 2016
A series of events by researchers, artists and makers | throughout August