…calling Helmsdale Gallery Event

On Friday 10th May we had a successful screening of rushes from Margaret Tait: A Companion Piece; showing a scene from the “school sports” on 16mm film. I then presented a performance of “…calling Helmsdale” to a crowd of 50 Helmie”s.

The piece explores the rich cultural heritage of Helmsdale and its relationship with global digital media which presents the world in a fragmented and distorted way (for example we consume short snippets of information from multiple sources such as our phones, computers and televisions).

I want to ask:

– Is local culture and heritage relevant to a global digital audience?
– Is digital media appropriate for local cultural /historical content?
– Do we consider our digital/online interaction to be ‘real’ or ‘virtual’?
– Do we feel we have to ‘be ourselves’ when expressing ourselves through digital media?
– Do we think about digital representations of Helmsdale in the same way as we think about digital representations of the rest of the world (as we see on the news)?

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