Caen Township Historical Background
O. G. càin or cuinne, still water or angle or P. cae, enclosed cultivated area
Caven (1360), Cayen with the Corinsche (1610), Caan (1691), Karne (1745), Cairn (1747-55), Caen (1755), Cain (1772), Caen (1889)
Map grid reference – ND 0169 1775

Caen in c1813
The last farm or township on the banks of the Helmisdale is Cäen, a snug sheltered spot, surrounded with hills to the N.W. and E., and having a southerly exposure.  During the earlier years of my father’s ministry, this place contained nearly a hundred inhabitants.
(Donald Sage, 1840, Memorabilia Domestica.  Or Parish Life in the North of Scotland, pg. 75.)

Caen c2000
A township comprising six unroofed buildings, four enclosures, two areas of cultivation and a head-dyke is depicted on the 1st edition of the OS 6-inch map (Sutherland 1879, sheet lxxix). Eight unroofed buildings, four enclosures and two phases of head-dyke are shown on the current edition of the OS 1:10560 map (1964). One of the head-dykes includes two hut-circles (ND01NW 29 and ND01NW 30) along its course.

Caan  (Hearth Tax 1691)
Allexr Sutherland, Donald Mc? ther, Thomas McGilbert ther, Robt Calder ther, James Polsone ther, John David ther, Allexr Roy, Allexr Gun ther, Donald Gun thr, John Brebnes ther, Wm? McAlister vic Hugh ther

Sutherland Estate Management (1802-1816) – Adam 1972
Wadsetter –Heirs of Mr Pope, Navidale

1745 – Here follows a list of the names of the parishioners of Kildonan able to carry arms between 16 and 60
Kilfedder & Karne: William Gordon, Thomas Sutherland, Alexander Polson, Angus Polson senr, Angus Polson junr, George Polson, William Mitchel, John Sutherland Bane, William Sutherland, John Sutherland

Caen School Report
16 June, 1824
Found 6 in present attendance.  There were 30 during winter. The house and school house not habitable. Neither garden nor cow’s grass are attached. The inhabitants allow ¼ acre of arable land to the schoolmaster for potato ground.  They also supply him with fuel, but not half-enough.  He has no salary but from the Society. The School has not been visited for two years now, either by Parish Minister of Presbytery. The school is so otherwise encouraged by the Heritor of the grounds.  The Bible is a daily school book at this station. Only 6 were taught Gaelic here last winter, which is the universal language of the district.  There is a parish school, but not attended by any scholars at present, and by only 3 or 4 during winters.

The teacher at this station is in the habit of reading on the Sabbath, in the school to the neighbourhood and explaining some useful books agreeable to the intention of the Society. Many attend. The station is 9 miles from Church, and the school master is lame. I have reason to believe that the teacher is usefully engaged. All the children of the neighbourhood seem to be sent to school at one time or another of the year. The teacher has been 26 years on the Establishment, and is 60 years of age.

The clearances psalm sheet….
Copy supplied by Kenny Mackenzie (Red Kenny the plumber)
This sheet belonged to a George Munro of Navidale (kenny’s great grandfather) who happened to be the Precentor that day. Shortly after the event “Toffs” came down with their “keepers” and removed all his papers photos etc. for burning. George had kept this order of service within a zipped bible and he challenged the intruder with the words “if you dare burn that bible you are really in trouble” this was enough to frighten him off , and so the bible was handed down to his son Angus who in turn gave it to Kenny in 1950…….


Caen Township Old parish Records (Births and Baptisms)


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