The Silver Hooley was a grand night with lots of dancing and a big toast to Timespan’s past and future. The Big Fat Electric Ceilidh made sure the dancefloor was full at all times, with their modern versions of the Gay Gordans (bit like the Macarena) and Dashing White Sargent (imagine Madonna-eque Vogue poses instead…

The hall

Highlights from the weekend included the piper leading the way in our Herring House parade and the over 40 home-made fish-kites being flown.


25 Houses (including the Community Centre) were crowned ‘Herring Houses.’ Unfortunately not everybody was home on the day of our parade and so I’ve substituted the missing winner’s photograph for an image of the rosettes they won.


So finally recovered from Timespan’s party weekend and as promised, will share some photographs from the celebrations. Including this image of Timespan’s birthday cake made by Jean. It tasted as good as it looks!

Timespan cake

We’re taking advantage of being up in such a beautiful part of the country and going for walks. These photos are from a roam around Loch Choire.

Fake deer

Now Now sampled the famous local restaurant Le Mirage last night and left with very full tummies. The portions were HUGE and also delicious. After having poached haddock and battered haddock suppers, we managed to squeeze in a peach melba sundae and a strawberry meringue.

Le Mirage dinner

Catherine has been raiding Timespan Museum’s store to get inspiration for our crofting-themed decorations.

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